Kristin Crockett

Speaker, Coach, & Writer

Courageous Destiny Sales Mastery Program: 9 Weeks to Rockstar Status

If You Want to Truly Transform Your Results, You Must Transform Your Mind!

Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom

Includes: 3x Individual Sales Accelerator Sessions; Access to Private Facebook Group with Weekly Live Sales Coaching, and Sales Accountability Support.

Turn strong objections into a powerful Yes! by becoming an expert at making your product or service with honest, clear and irresistible VALUE!


Crush Through Your Own Personal Barricades - FAST!

  • Learn and execute the sales actions that have you achieve the top of your bonus structure
  • Design and adopt an unstoppable sales mindset
  • Let go of the excuses and seize your sales bonus
  • Designing a sales activity schedule that works for you
  • Learn the secrets to navigate and keep selling – even when life happens
  • Design yourself as your ideal leader to attract your dream sales team
  • Learn the best kept sales the example and align with the product or service you sell
  • Give all your customers the red carpet experience. The do’s and don’ts of high level customer retention

Week 1

Build Your Courageous Sales Plan

Week 2

Build Your Powerful Sales Engine To Work Every Time

Week 3

Unleash Your Limitless Potential

Week 4

Adopt Secrets of the Sales Experts

Week 5

Learn Graceful Sales Navigation and Learn to Pivot Towards Success!

Week 6

Overcoming Every Objection

Week 7

Master Sharing the Value in Your Sales

Week 8

Learn How to Be A Guaranteed Sales Magnet

Week 9

Celebrate Your Successes and REPEAT!

Grow Your Sales. Grow Your Business. Grow Your Life.

Jump in with both feet and multiply sales and business profits faster and easier than you ever had done before.

Find out how Corporate and Network Marketing Sales Teams, Sales professionals and Entrepreneurs are courageously tripling their sales results in 6 months or less.

Get more sales immediately

Achieve 100% customer retention

Increase your sales dramatically in 60 days or less

Discover how to make sales an exciting adventure

Unlock the potential in yourself and your team

Attract profitable clients you love to work with

Discover your Courageous Destiny!

About Me

Kristin Crockett’s story is a reflection of so many women in today’s corporate setting. She started in corporate tech sales, for 22 years she beat the big boys and became one of the TOP level female executives earning a very nice 6-figure paycheck. As a mother of triplets, she began to feel unsatisfied with her job success, and saw the glass ceiling. She struggled for years with the idea and the desire to jump into running her own business.

One day, she just took the plunge, she then focused on her health and her wealth. She lost over 85 pounds and became a Deserve Level Coach™ helping women increase their revenue, sales and take giant leaps forward in life. She realized that the one thing that stopped her for over 20 years, was the programming that ‘she did not deserve’ it. She is now on a mission to help empower over 10,000 women to discover their courageous self in life, wealth and health.

Kristin is a transformer of people, once she saw herself as a ‘scardy cat’ in life, and now she sees herself as ‘Unapologetically Courageous’. Since launching Courageous Destiny™ Methodology, her business has thrived but more importantly the female executives and entrepreneurs she has helped reach their wealth and health goals is beyond the 4 Million Mark and Beyond.

Kristin is the founder and visionary of Courageous Destiny™ Methodology and the Courageous Destiny™ Podcast.